Monte's Trap

Music Production on a different level

Ahhh ahh ahhh !!! With my shmurda @betterthandrugz

1:00pm…. Imma be grumpy all day until that shit drops…

Or Nah !!!! Nah Like this for a gnpost tho

Chief Keef comments be like…

Le selfie #selfie

Like 5 pics !!! And CWD FIR A TBH!!!! Come on y’all let’s get it started 😏😏😏🏃🏃🏃

Out of class early….time to catch these….😴😴😴😴

KOTD…In school early

Lmao Pool be lit…don’t get caught up

Lmaooo !!!! Only if you got heart !!! @akilsofly this was made for you my guy…

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